E-health is a challenging topic that has deserved much attention at the scientific, technological, political, and social levels in Europe and worldwide. The introduction of new technologies in healthcare centers and national systems is interpreted by medical doctors as a first approach to the introduction of healthcare e-Services, and ultimately to the development of knowledge-based healthcare e-services.

From a medical point of view, healthcare processes are about preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic tasks. This workshop is concerned about the sorts of knowledge these processes require, their formal representation and exploitation, the elicitation of these sorts of knowledge, their mutual interaction and with other typical healthcare IT as Electronic Healthcare Records and Healthcare Computer Systems.

Knowledge Management for Healthcare Processes is a new workshop in a series of workshops and publications devoted to the formalization, organization, and deployment of procedural knowledge in healthcare. Previous workshops and publications have been the IEEE CBMS 2007 special track on "Machine Learning and Management of Healthcare Procedural Knowledge", the AIME 2007 workshop entitled "From Medical Knowledge to Global Healthcare", and Springer's LNAI 4924.

David Riaño