Important dates

Deadline for paper submissions:
14 May 2010 (extended)
Notification of acceptance:
14 June 2010
Final camera-ready manuscripts:
28 June 2010
17 August 2010

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Lisbon, June 17, 2010

  9:00 Welcome
  9:10 Session I: Ontologies 

  • (F) Ontology-Based Retrospective and Prospective Diagnosis and Medical Knowledge Personalization. Romero-Tris C, Riaño D, Real F.
  • (F) Pre-coordination vs. post-coordination: different ontology engineering requirements and patterns.  Schulz S.
  • (S) A semantic web approach to integrate phenotype descriptions and clinical data. M. Taboada M, Sobrido MJ, Colombo V.
  • (S) Ontology-Based Knowledge Modeling to Provide Decision Support for Comorbid Diseases. Abidi S.

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Poster Session

12:00 Session II:  Medical Process:

  • (F) Inducing Decision Trees from Medical Decision Processes. Torres P, Riaño D, López-Vallverdú JA.
  • (S) Data-Aware Monitoring For Healthcare Workflows Using Formal Methods. Ruan J, MacCaull W.

12:40 Lunch

14:00 Session III:  Patient data, records & guidelines

  • (F) Critiquing Knowledge Representation in Medical Image Interpretation using Structure Learning. Radstake N, Lucas PJF, Velikova M, Samulski M.
  • (S) Linguistic and Temporal Processing for Discovering Hospital Acquired Infection from Patient Records. Hagège C, Marchal P, Gicquel Q, Darmoni S, Pereira S, Metzger MH.
  • (S) A Clustered Markov Analysis of Patients Developing Sepsis. Gwadry-Sridhar F, Bauer M, Lewden B, Hamou A.
  • (S) Towards the interoperability of electronic guidelines: an experiment with openEHR archetypes and a chronic heart failure guideline. Marcos M, Martínez-Salvador B.

15:10 Coffee Break

16:00 Session IV: Guidelines

  • (F) Identifying Actions Described in Clinical Practice Guidelines Using Semantic Relations. Kaiser K, Seyfang A, Miksch S.
  • (F) Updating a Protocol-based Decision-Support System’s Knowledge Base: a Breast Cancer Case Study. Eccher C, Seyfang A, Ferro A, Miksch S.
  • (F) Toward Probabilistic Analysis of Guidelines. Hommersom A.
  • (S) Representing Knowledge of Multiple Disorders by Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks. Quan W, Lappenschaar M, Lucas PJF, Hommersom AJ.
  • (S) Temporal Relations in Causal Independence. van der Heijden M, Lucas PJF.

17:45 Closing

(F) Full length papers, they're allocated 20 min presentation + 5 min questions.
(S) Short length papers, they're allocated 10 min presentation + 5 min questions.