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Registration was organized in Conference Blocks: KR4HC'14 block is called Logic in Artificial  Intelligence.

Summary of KR4HC'14 Workshop Fees(*):

Regular Registration (ends on June 8): Euro 100 (**)
Late Registration (ends on June 30): Euro 120 (**)
Euro 130 (**)
(*)  Information copied from official tables of fees here.
(**) Proceedings of the workshop will be published in the KR4HC'14 web page (here) for everybody registered to the workshop.

List of Participants (27)

Marrella Andrea (
Stefan Brass (brass
Alessio Bottrighi (
Chritophe Debruyne (
Robert Freimuth (

Laura Giordano ( )
Esteban Guerrero (esteban
Marcin Hewelt (marcin.hewett
Zhisheng Huang (
Giorgio Leonardi (

Yue Ma (mayue
Aisan Maghsoodi (
Begoña Martínez-Salvador (
Mecella Massimo (
Silvia Miksch (

Markus Moschner (
Christian Popow (christian.popow
David Riaño (
Matteo Spiotta (
Daniele Theseider Dupré (

Thomas Vetterlein (thomas.vetterlein
Dongwen Wang (dwang
Szymon Wilk (szymon.wilk
Anna Zamansky (
Veruska Zamborlini (

Yuanlin Zhang (
Zhizheng Zhang (