7th International Workshop on
Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KR4HC 2015)
8th International Workshop on
Process-oriented Information Systems in Healthcare (ProHealth 2015)

Pavia, Italy; June 20, 2015



greenes.gif Robert A. Greenes, MD, PhD
Evolution and Revolution in Knowledge-Driven Health IT:  A 50-Year Perspective and a Look Ahead

Dr. Greenes joined Arizona State University (ASU) as Ira A. Fulton Chair and Professor of Biomedical Informatics, in 2007, in which position he served until the June 2013, at which point he was on sabbatical for a year, and has returned to the faculty.  He is also Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Greenes’ main interests are in clinical informatics, particularly clinical decision support, health care quality improvement, and application usability/interoperability to optimize care processes. He directs the AppWorks initiative at ASU, which provides a platform and sandbox for development of health care apps that interoperate with electronic health record systems.  He is also working with colleagues on a companion platform called mWorks, that facilitates the development of patient-facing mobile health apps that also communicate with providers and integrate data and decision support.   Dr. Greenes was one of the original developers of the MUMPS language and system widely used in health care. He is the author/editor of the book, Clinical Decision Support (2nd Edition): The Road to Broad Adoption, published by Elsevier in May, 2014.   Before his move to Arizona, Dr. Greenes was founder and director of the Decision Systems Group, a Harvard-based biomedical informatics laboratory at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  For over 20 years, he was the Program Director of the National Library of Medicine-supported Boston Research Training Program in Biomedical Informatics. He was Distinguished Chair in Biomedical Informatics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Professor of Radiology, Health Sciences and Technology, and Health Policy and Management at Harvard.  With an M.D. and Ph.D. in applied mathematics/computer science from Harvard, he is Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology.  He is a member of the Institute of Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics, the American College of Radiology, and the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine. He was the 2008 recipient of the Morris F. Collen Award for contributions that have made a lasting impact on the field of biomedical informatics, from the American College of Medical Informatics. The Robert A. Greenes Directorship in Biomedical Informatics at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital continues to bear his name.

9:00 – 10:45    Session 1: Knowledge-Driven Health IT

Welcome by Workshop Organizers (10 minutes)

Robert A. Greenes, MD, PhD (80 minutes)
Evolution and Revolution in Knowledge-Driven Health IT:  A 50-Year Perspective and a Look Ahead

Francis Real, David Riaño and Jose Ramon Alonso (15 minutes)
A Patient Simulation Model Based in Decision Tables for Emergency Shocks

10:45 – 11:15    Coffee Break

11:15 – 13:00    Session 2: Clinical Guideline and Clinical Pathway Support

Alessio Bottrighi, Stefania Rubrichi and Paolo Terenziani (25 minutes)

META-GLARE: A Meta-Engine for Executing CIGs

Zhisheng Huang, Qing Hu, Annette Ten Teije and Frank Van Harmelen (25 minutes)
Identifying Evidence Quality for Updating Evidence-based Medical Guidelines

Matteo Spiotta, Paolo Terenziani and Daniele Theseider Dupre (25 minutes)
Answer Set Programming for Temporal Conformance Analysis of Clinical Guidelines Execution

Michael Heß, Monika Kaczmarek, Ulrich Frank, Lars Podleska and Georg Täger (15 minutes)
Towards a Pathway-based Clinical Cancer Registration in Hospital Information Systems – Extension of a DSML for Clinical Pathways

Luca Piovesan and Paolo Terenziani (15 minutes)
A Mixed-Initiative Approach to the Conciliation of Clinical Guidelines for Comorbid Patients

13:00 – 14:15    Lunch Break

14:15 – 15:55    Session 3: Mobile Process and Decision Support (MobiGuide Session)

Erez Shalom, Yuval Shahar, Ayelet Goldstein, Elior Ariel, Moshe Sheinberger, Nick Fung, Valerie Jones and Boris Van Schooten  (25 minutes)
Implementation of the Distributed Guideline-Based Decision Support Model in the MobiGuide Framework

Nekane Larburu, Boris van Schooten, Erez Shalom, Nick Fung, Hermie Hermens and Valerie Jones  (15 minutes)
A Quality Aware Mobile Decision Support System for Patients with Chronic Illnesses

Amnon Shvo and Mor Peleg  (15 minutes)
Integrating Organizational Workflows into MobiGuide Clinical Guidelines

Natalia Viani, Claudia Moro, Diego Garcia, Lilian Cintho, Lucia Sacchi and Silvana Quaglini (15 minutes)
Exploring OpenEHR's Guideline Definition Language to implement the cardioversion guideline in MobiGuide

Mor Peleg, Hermie Hermens, M. Elena Hernando, Daniel Knoppel, Silvana Quaglini and Yuval Shahar (15 minutes)
The MobiGuide Distributed and Personalized Clinical-guideline-based Decision-support System for Patients and their Care Providers: demonstration and tool report

M. Elena Hernando, Iñaki Martinez-Sarriegui, Gema García-Sáez, Silvana Quiaglini, Mercedes Rigla and Carlo Napolitano (15 minutes)
Mobile patient feedback through continued monitoring and guideline-based decision support

15:55 – 16:15    Coffee Break

16:15 – 17:00    Session 4: Health Information Systems and Clinical Data

Jens Weber, Morgan Price and Iryna Davies  (15 minutes)
Data Quality by Design – Towards and Architectural View for Data Quality in Health Information Systems

Chloé Cabot, Lina F. Soualmia, Julien Grosjean, Romain Lelong and Darmoni Stefan (15 minutes)
Integrating and Retrieving Clinical and Omic Data in Electronic Health Records

Martin Wagner, Rudolf Rempel, Darko Katic, Patrick Philipp, Achim Rettinger, Stefanie Speidel, Beat Müller-Stich and Hannes Kenngott (15 minutes)
The Surgical Information Model – Development of an Ontology for Surgical Information Need in Perioperative Treatment Processes

– 17:30 Closure by Workshop Organizers 

Discussion (30 minutes)