Objective 1. Transform a file of hospital episodes into a draft chart representing the transitions of the admitted patients between the hospital units.
Objective 2. Implement and test the filtering, the adaptation and the merge operations.
Objective 3. Translate the CN2 public algorithm into an object-oriented code in norder to incorporate it to the HISYS1 system.
Objective 4. Construct an object hierarchy DISEASE->DSS to estructure the knowledge related to the transitions of the patients with a particular disease (or DRG) and also related to several user selected diseases.
Objective 5. Integrate all the HISYS1 operations under a window-based system in Visual C++.
Objective 6. Test the final system with data from the Hospital Joan XXIII (Tarragona).
Objective 7. Find other hospital centres to test the HISYS1 system.
  1. an integrated system to analyse the hospital patient transitions.
  2. basic cost analysis capabilities.
  3. several publications in medical, information system and articificial intelligence conferences and journals.
  1. On the health-care centers: find some hospital unit heads to use the system and to obtain feedback of interesting and useful improvements.
  2. On hospital managers: look for the interest of hospitals in Spain and, optionally, in Europe.
  3. On the official national organisations: try to awake the interest of the Catalan Health-Care Institutions.
  4. On the communication means: obtain some publicity on the HISYS1 system.