IST-2001-33174: A KM platform with intelligence and insight capabilities for technology intensive industries
We are all painfully familiar with the challenges that we face every day in assessing the competitive performance of the business. Certain questions arise in today’s organisations operating in the new business environment:
  • Is the quality/price of my products competitive?
  • What new products are emerging that might make mine obsolescent?
  • What new products could I deliver to gain an advantage on my competitors?
  • Am I using best-in-class technologies and producing at minimum practical cost?
  • What new technologies are emerging that might change best practice and threaten my position?
  • Am I missing opportunities for new business?
  • Where are the areas of growth?
  • How do I best respond to them?
  • Can I establish some "preferred supplier" situations?
  • Am I forming the right alliances and do they work effectively?
  • Am I properly integrated into the supply chains?
.... and so on!

 We are also all painfully aware that there is a vast amount of information "out there": in journals, newspapers, trade analyses, consultants' reports, from Government Departments, etc. and that we simply do not have the time to scan everything on the off-chance that it might apply to us! Nowadays, there is also a vast (and rapidly growing) amount of information on the "The Web". This information may be simply an electronic version of the traditional sources but, because of its timeliness and accessibility the web is also increasingly being used as a preferred means of dissemination: information will appear on the web that appears no-where else. Effective use of the web as an information resource is becoming a pre-requisite for competitive business performance: the trouble is that, once again, we simply do not have the time to scan everything! There is no "one-stop-shop", the information is fragmented and dispersed in a bewildering (and rapidly growing) array of websites.

Confronted with this situation, how can we turn the web into an effective weapon for competitive advantage? The objective of the h-TechSight Project aims to provide an answer to this question.