Improve the capabilities of technology intensive organizations to monitor, assess, predict & respond to technical trends & changes. The project will enable SME's to become intelligent players in the global market. Technology from the project will provide SME's with cost-effective venues to achieve state-of-the-art awareness in research and developement and extend their activities around the world.

To achieve that, the project will develop technologies for systematically & automatically updating dynamic knowledge maps of specific technology domains. These will act as advanced business intelligence support for market, products & technology watch and will represent a novel knowledge management practice in an area (technology evolution assessment).

The objectives would lead to a knowledge Management Platform for the intelligent monitoring, planning, forecasting of technological evolution in highly dynamic domains.

Particular emphasis will be given to web information sources in view of the vast amount of information available to process and analyze as well as on knowledge domains with high relevance to SME's.

  1. development of dynamic ontologies to interrelate thecnologies and expertise.
  2. knowledge management platform to implement the ontologies towards a dynamic framework.
  3. assessment and validation studies from the application of the work.